Thursday, September 14, 2006


So sayeth Rich Lowry in National Review online. Hat tip to the ever interesting site, Hillary Needs a Vacation for calling our attention to this excellent piece of writing.

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for some time, i have been wondering about the wobble at the amazing National Review.

i encountered a post called Tough Medicine?

regarding, in my opinion, the silly offering of the fine Mr. Ramesh Ponnuru, suggesting Conservatives tank - run away in upcoming elections.

in my conception this is mindless, for this is some of the folly that aided in electing the Clintons, enabled the 9-11 tragedy, and brought Ginsberg to the SC.

i cannot imagine Patton, suggesting the Allies allow the Nazis to take over the Globe, to build unrest, for some hopeful comeback.

so i was very happy to see, Mr. Lowry offer some completely different, and rather positive.

i remain deeply thankful for this fine President.

and thankful for you kind words and link...

best wishes Ms. Miller