Wednesday, September 27, 2006

SOME THINGS NEVER CHANGE – and they should!

The 42nd President’s “mama bear” has now lumbered forth in defense of her “cub”. This is all so predictable and so clearly is a repetition of the Clinton playbook from the 90s. And it is getting so OLD!

The Clinton marriage is a most peculiar business partnership (only the most naïve could call it a love match) in public life but when it’s working, it wins elections. However, we have had 6 years of a president who is an authentic MAN and who is, clearly, engaged in a loving marriage with an admirable woman who stands shoulder-to-shoulder with him without in any way being subjugated to him, so former President Clinton’s histrionics may end up backfiring as never before. After all, the electorate has become a bit more sophisticated (I hope) and less likely to be bamboozled by the poking finger and the red face. And of course, there IS the Internet.

Nothing is ever HIS fault or HER fault. Once again the “vast right-wing conspiracy” (which has only ever existed in their paranoia) will be blamed for Billy Jeff’s “booboo”! How pathetic. How destructive (to both of them). How boring!

I DVRd Dick Morris appearance on Hannity & Colmes last night because I was too sleepy to stay awake - so I haven't seen but a small portion of it as yet, but what I have seen is not favorable to President and Senator Clinton. More on that appearance later.

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