Tuesday, September 12, 2006


This country has spent a great deal of time remembering the horrific and soul-wrenching events of September 11, 2001 over the past few weeks, culminating in yesterday’s ceremonial remembrances. And because we should always remember that nationals of MANY nations lost their lives as a result of these cowardly and despicable terror acts, other nations have been remembering that soul-wrenching day as well.

One of the interesting facets of CNN’s overly-hyped and overly-shown “In the Footsteps of Bin Laden” was that, during the Clinton years, a naturalized American (of Middle Eastern heritage) who worked in the intelligence establishment was also spying on us for Bin Laden. Now had this information come to light during the presidency of George W. Bush, the shrill cacophony of rhetoric emanating from the left would have been beyond deafening. Since the left’s beloved icon, William Jefferson Clinton, was president when this happened, all is silence.

I do not entirely blame William Jefferson Clinton for the 9/11 Attacks or the soul-wrenching shock they engendered. Not entirely. In many ways, the American character must bear a tiny amount of culpability. We are an optimistic and basically happy people. We didn’t really EXPECT bad things to happen on our soil, insulated as we were by two oceans.

Americans should be able to admit that Mr. Clinton’s overblown rhetoric supported by little or no actual ACTION must have led Osama Bin Laden to believe that he could attack us without consequence. Surprise, surprise – when the attack came, an actual MAN was the occupant of the Oval Office and clearly, Osama Bin Laden believed the blatherings of the Democratic Party tinfoil hat crowd and "misunderestimated" the President of the United States. That was and continues to be our nation’s singular good fortune.

The Democratic Party over the past five years has proven itself fully capable in many ways – capable of lies, capable of perversions of the truth (another way to say lies), capable of hysteria, capable of proclaiming that they have a plan, but never elucidating what that plan actually IS, and most dangerous, capable of convincing themselves that somehow if we just understand these murderous fanatics who wish only one thing – the death of our entire non-Muslim population and all of Western civilization - we will once again be "safe". The Islamofascists aren’t making a secret of their aims, folks. They’re really clear and very up-front about it. So my question is, why don’t the Hezbollah-crats get it? News flash to the Dems: The Islamofascist thugs want to kill YOU also, not just Republicans.

Treachery happens in large and small ways and for large and small reasons. Some people do deliberate harm to other people for their own self-aggrandizement or out of simple-minded jealousy. That kind of treachery is personally hurtful but easily understood. It’s the kind of thing that more or less comes with being human. I used to find it fairly easy to forgive that kind of perfidy but as I have grown older, I have to admit that my tolerance is virtually nil.

All that being said, the treachery of the left is less understandable to me. Is their hatred of President George W. Bush, as demented as it clearly is, so incredibly consuming that they cannot see that he is protecting ALL OF US, not just Republicans? Is their dislike of themselves (all that self-esteem they didn’t EARN isn’t working for them any more) or their country or Republicans in general just so huge that they cannot see that we are all at risk?

I think we need to be more alert to treachery, both in large ways and small. And although I truly detest the word, I think we all need to be “proactive” in protecting ourselves. Today’s events in Damascus make it crystal clear that the threat is real and on-going. These deadly jihadist scum aren't going to stop until we FORCE them to stop. It's just that simple.

God bless America and particularly, God bless George W. Bush and keep him safe from harm of any kind.

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i was clapping as i got near the end...

inspiring and a fine read.

thank you.

i think the Democrats cannot be helped, they are too self serving to come out of their partisan coma.

lost, desperate, vicious, irresponsible, sad...