Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Much has been made of the asinine (and childish) behavior of William Jefferson Clinton, 42nd President of the United States, during his interview by Chris Wallace.

President Clinton’s thin-skinned and completely out of proportion reaction to Chris Wallace’s questions, not to mention the bullying posture he adopted, did more to delineate the true WJC character (or lack thereof) than anything he could have said.

The truth is, doing nothing was exactly what Bill Clinton DID for 8 years! Over and over and over again! That’s why 9/11/01 was possible and he can kick his little heels and threaten to hold his breath over and over again – but reality is still reality and William Jefferson Clinton’s presidency was 8 years of failure when it came to protecting the safety and security of the United States of America – something he was sworn, before God, to do!

To attempt to salvage his “legacy” with outright LIES and distortions is despicable behavior – but then what else can you expect from an amoral and immature man who is a serial adulterer, probable multiple rapist, impeached President, known more for his dalliance with a girl young enough to be his daughter and his lies to the nation and to a grand jury. And he DARES to claim he never criticized President Bush? He DARES to claim he reacted strongly to the various infamies visited by the jihadist scum on our nation and its people during his ENTIRE term of office.

Maybe this crap flew when William Jefferson Clinton was campaigning for the presidency back in the early 90s. That was before the Internet and now there is no hiding from the utter disaster for this country the presidency of WJC actually was. In 5 minutes of Internet research I managed to find 15 articles from contemporaneous newspapers of the Clinton presidency that proved that the former president is a liar.

The Clintons both appear to believe that substance is less important than appearances. And once again, I thank God that we have a President who knows better, is dedicated to protecting our nation and defeating evil.

The truth is that William Jefferson Clinton and his shrieking harpie of a wife, Hillary Rodham Clinton, are ONLY and eternally interested in self-promotion and self-aggrandizement and nothing else. And they have the most astounding sense of entitlement on view in the Western World. They make Jacques Chirac look modest by comparison. What a pair of losers!
UPDATE: At the request of Bill Bartley (The Rosette Report) , the ever lucid and interesting James Taranto has been kind enough to retrieve and post at Bartley's request his August 21, 1998 article: The System Strikes Back. which refutes, absolutely, any claims of WJC that the right wing conspiracy is ignoring everything he did to fight terrorism. We aren't ignoring it - there was almost nothing to find!



thank you, thank you, thank you...

the reality is, with the biased L-MSM, the denial of the Democrat Partisans, the deceit of the Clintons, a strong rebuke of the Clinton Negligence is essential.

i appreciate your frank, honest, firm expression.


Dave said...

I thought that interview was hilarious. Wallace just sat there and i could tell he didn't know what he said/did. It's painfully obvious that if Clinton were in Bush's shoes (attacks from all angles) he would be trying to fight them all off until he went blue in the face and went back to his man-wife hillary.

Truth be told, Clinton played the poll numbers, not the safety card, thus he would never get himself anywhere near Bush's shoes.

Bush = man that ignores personal attacks/criticism, Clinton = thin-skinned pathological liar that can't handle a question that might border on challenging. Sorry Billy, your days of being fawned over are partially over. haha.

Sabra said...

Although I couldn't agree with you more, I did read an article yesterday that said that WJC did what he did on purpose... You didn’t, per chance, read William Kristol’s article in The Weekly Standard, “Why Clinton ‘Lost his Temper’” did you?

Here is the link:


I’d be curious what your thoughts are on this.

I have to admit, that I think Mr. Kristol has a point when he says “Bill Clinton is a smart (and calculating) politician.” And I think you will agree as well, that if WJC is nothing else [well, okay, he’s a lot of other things – liar, rapist, etc.] – he IS calculating!