Friday, September 08, 2006


Name: Christopher M. Traina
Age: 25
Killed at: World Trade Center
From city: Bricktown
From state: N.J.

His friend, Cheri Jameson-Braza, knew Christopher from school and described him as kind, talented, smart, and funny.

Another friend, Erica Seconish-Davis, also attended school with Chrisopher and was also a friend of Christopher's brother Sal. She describes Chris as a "sweet guy and always had a smile on his face".

Christopher Traina discovered working in the City when, as a high school student, he got a job as a runner in the New York Commodities Exchange. Subsequent to high school graduation, he got a job as a futures clerk at Carr Futures on the 92nd floor of Tower One. He was even considering returning to school so that he could continue to move up in the firm.

He is a loss to his family and friends, but also to our entire nation, who so desperately need young men of his enthusiasm and clear talents. Rest in peace, Christopher. We miss you!

UPDATE #1: The dependably brilliant Jay Tea has written a thoughtful exposition of his well-reasoned thinking vis-a-vis the War on Terror. It is well worth a few moments of your time. It causes me to believe that the civilized have always needed to fight back the hordes of those who are not and this time is not so very different, just "more so"!


Anonymous said...

it breaks my heart Ms. Miller...
i have tears in my eyes.

a fine tribute to a fine young Man, who should have had a long life ahead of him.

Christopher is indeed missed.

thank you...

Anonymous said...

such a tough day Ms. Miller...

Anonymous said...

Neither people were "friends" of my brother Chris. Chris didn't go to school with Erica, I did. Both people were quoted like Gayle interviewed them, but she just took posts from a Sept. 11th Memorial website. Although the blog was a little misleading, it's the thought that counts. Thank You. Chris's brother, Sal

EMD1978 said...

I am Erica Seonish-Davis and how I agree with Sal that your intention with this blog was well intended, I was not "friends" with Chris.

I did know Chris, but I was actually friends with his brother Sal. Hearing of Chris' passing saddened me, therefore, I posted a comment on a Sept. 11th Memorial Website. I don't appreciate my name being used in a seperate blog, as if I was interviewed.

Although my original comments remain the same, and my heart always goes out to my friend Sal and Chris's entire family.