Wednesday, October 25, 2006

China erects massive fence on N. Korean border after test

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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

"China has put up a massive concrete and barbed wire fence along parts of its border with North Korea to block a possible influx of refugees as strong international sanctions are enacted in response to Pyongyang's program to develop nuclear weapons.

In addition, China's People's Liberation Army recently conducted military exercises and deployed additional troops near the North Korean border."

I don't want to misunderstand this. It is apparently perfectly all right for China to build a fence on their border with North Korea, but, according to the liberal Democrats, it is NOT okay for us to do likewise on our border with Mexico?

Do they ever get whiplash from their double-triple and quadruple standards, these Hezbollahcrats?




will they mind if we build a fence around howard dean?

this is truly an interesting article, all is not well with Chinese-NK relations.

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mgraves said...

Sounds like the PRC is preparing for a war on the Korean peninsula, in the event that they are unable to control the mad dog.

Fences are only okay when they are built by tyrants. When built by responsible nations to keep terrorists out (Israel) or to keep illegal immigrants out (U.S.), then walls are an unjust infringement on people's rights. When built by tyrannies to control their own population (U.S.S.R.)or keep out refugees (PRC), then walls are acceptable.

Moral subservience. The West is incapable of doing right. Anybody else may do whatsoever they please b/c any act by the non-West is a justifiable reaction to (fill in blank, i.e. Western imperialism, cultural or military; Western racism, sexism, or some other -ism related to identity).