Monday, October 16, 2006


We must ALL vote on Election Day this year. While I grant you that there are things about the president's policies and agenda that I might criticize, and certainly I have oft expressed my firm belief that the Republican members of both the Senate and the House are a bunch of gutless cretins entirely too much of the time - the fact remains that as bad as the current clowns may be, they are 1,000% better than what we might get.

Do you really want Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House? It's bad enough listening to that shrill harpy now when she is only occasionally on television. But to have her babbling at us all the time? I can only shudder at the prospect.

Charlie Rangel would be the most ethics-challenged committee chair since Adam Clayton Powell. Harry Reid is a malevolent and dishonest anti-American demagogue and he is easily matched by Murtha in the House.

And lest we forget, if the Dems are in the majority in the Senate, that means we could see Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton in a position of greater power and prominence. Do we really need that?

GO VOTE PEOPLE! They may be s.o.b.s but they are our s.o.b.s!


Sissy Willis said...

LOL. I'm holding my nose. :-)

Gayle Miller said...

Me too!

shoprat said...

They are not my heros, but they have my votes.

Anonymous said...

You're all dumb shits. Keep on voting Republicans and maybe you'll be the ones taking it up the ass from Republicans instead of just 16-year-old male pages.


Hooorayyy !

and look at the liberal fool who left a disgusting piece of garbage.

another example of why the liberal Democrats are pathetic.

such class, and so misguided...

Gayle Miller said...

Notice - insufficient courage to leave an actual name!

Idiot. Never heard of Barney Frank (whose lover ran a gay escort service out of their shared home) or the recent deceased guy - Stubbs.