Thursday, October 19, 2006


Rush Limbaugh is right. And I’m sorry, much as I respect him (generally), Instapundit is WRONG, WRONG, WRONG to be conceding Republican defeat in this election. As is anyone else so mentally deficient as to do so.

There is no reason to concede even ONE SEAT to the Democrats. And ample reason not to do so.

Think about this – SPEAKER Pelosi – and be afraid, be VERY afraid. Something happens to our President and Vice President during the next 2 years – that “San Francisco values” shrill, anti-American harpie would become our PRESIDENT. Think about that and then realize that if you do not vote Republican in November you have not only lost your mind, you are betraying your responsibilities as an American. Is that clear enough for you?

I don’t care how much you may view our President as betraying of conservative values. Get over it!

Folks, the President has had a few things on his mind – like keeping us safe from jihadist scum.

Yes, the deficit went sky high. Had you noticed – it’s coming down at a record pace?

The economy is BOOMING and vibrant and the Dow has soared! Regardless of the gloom and doom coming from the drive-by media and the Democratic Party (who lack any real agenda and so are telling outright lies about the state of our nation), this country is in really good shape, all things considered.

Now quit mucking about with the long faces and negative attitudes! Get off your fundaments and start to encourage all you know to get out and vote Republican in November. It’s crucial for all of us that it isn’t close, so the Dems can’t cheat.



Mr. Reynolds in my understanding, was a Democrat, and feels himself to be an independent.

Yet, he would agree, if challenged how misguided the Democrat Party is today.

Mr. Limbaugh is excellent, and is quite correct.

The lay down garbage is weak, destructive, delusional, and will be a disaster for the American People.

It amazes how much the MSM is trying to spin the State of this fine Nation.

The Economy is amazing...

Thank you Ms. Miller.

Let's Make History

Say NO to Nancy...

Crazy Politico said...

Oddly, Barron's is predicting the GOP maintains control in both houses. They've been very spot on in their predictions in nearly every election, including GOP gains in 2002 and 2004 when they were said they would lose seats.