Wednesday, October 25, 2006


"I usually avoid blogging about black “golden boy” Democratic politicians like U.S. Senator Barack Obama because I know I’ll be accused of “player hating,” but I can’t let the hype parade pass without comment.

Barack Obama, the “He speaks so well!” up and coming U.S. senator, no doubt has a bright future ahead of him. But why, I’m trying to figure out, are we reading about his presidential aspirations a mere two years into his first term as senator?"

As usual, La Shawn Barber hits the nail on the head, and it’s worth going to her blog to check it out. I know she is a must-read on a daily basis for me!

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she is wonderful...

and the Senator seems to lack something...

perhaps it is that liberal lean that clouds his judgment.

taxation is a killer, and Democrats are truly nutty for not altering their position on trying to build their social programs via the Government.

but they never learn.