Friday, October 27, 2006


I can’t really blame Senator Allen for wanting to hold Webb’s feet to the fire – and I must say that based on the excerpts I read on Drudge, Webb is, at the very least, a really, really smutty writer! But not a very good one!

But now this:
Combs, a 61-year-old Republican who champions abstinence-based sex education and is a darling of Texas conservatives, is being portrayed by her Democratic opponent as a smutmonger and a hypocrite for writing a 1990 bodice-ripper titled "A Perfect Match."
Maybe it’s just a foolish notion on my part, but aren’t these elections about some serious issues and not whether or not somebody said the “N” word (which is turns out they both did – at least 20 years ago)? Should not the candidates be discussing such serious matters as the utterly deceptive ad featuring Michael J. Fox which is running in Missouri? It doesn’t even truthfully represent what the Constitutional Amendment that Michael J. Fox is (apparently) promoting actually says and does! If I lived in Missouri, I’d be seriously pissed at every Democrat who is in any way involved in both the ad and the constitutional amendment because ALL OF THEM are lying to their constituents.

And how is using that same ad in Maryland of any benefit? It’s being used on behalf of Michael Steele’s opponent who happens to be AGAINST embryonic stem cell research! Is there a sanity disconnect floating through the atmosphere somewhere?

I don’t know about the rest of you but this election cycle STARTED in January 2006 at a very low point of respectability and has progressed downhill from there! I’m waiting, not very patiently, for someone (anyone) to discuss an actual ISSUE!

BOTTOM LINE – I’m voting Republican because the Democrats are just too damned dangerous to our entire nation. But that doesn’t mean that I’m going to take even one day off from holding every officeholders’ feet to the fire for the next 2 years.

If we don’t vote, we get the representation we deserve.

If we don’t make sure that those we have elected are doing their jobs, then again, we get the representation we deserve.

Active participation in the decisions that affect our lives is not being political, it’s being responsible.



Christi said...

Great post! I'm in Missouri and got to see the Michael J. Fox ad for the first time during game one of the World Series. It's bad enough that this amendment is an outright attempt to deceive people but we can't even enjoy the Series without politics attacking our corneas.

Then, to counter the first ad, conservatives launched their ad during game four!

I know it's an important issue and I've warned Missourians every week on my site about the lies they are being fed, but I wish they would leave baseball out of it.

Nothing is safe anymore. :)

shoprat said...

They have nothing on the issues so they use this instead.

It's like an old poster (or maybe it was a tee-shirt) that was around in the 70s.

If you can't dazzle em with brilliance baffle em with ********

I am less than thrilled with the GOP, but the Democrats are so much worse that the lesser of two evils is very much the better choice.


well said again Ms. Miller...

Time to make history...