Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Scooter Libby has been found guilty by a reasonably moronic Washington, D.C. jury who apparently didn't understand that (a) Valerie Plame's identity was no secret, her husband having revealed the nature of her job in his own "Who's Who" entry, (b) others have revealed that THEY, not Scooter Libby were broadcasting her identity and these people were no friends of the current administration, and (c) not remembering is not obstruction of justice!

Since I have read a great deal of the testimony, it boggles my mind that this jury could come to this erroneous conclusion AND take so doggone long to do it!

But then, the law and justice really don't have one heck of a lot to do with one another, do they?


Anonymous said...

You don't understand that

a. Libby wasn't charged with revealing Plame's identity;

b. Others weren't on trial here, Libby was;

c. Libby didn't testify that he didn't remember something, so how would the jury know that?

We both know under the same set of facts if Libby was a Democrat working in a Democrat administration you'd be jumping up and down for joy that he was convicted.

This is further evidence you put party before country.

Gayle Miller said...

The prosecutor knew BEFORE he ever spoke to or charged Libby that ARMITAGE was the leaker. The investigation should have ended there! But then that wouldn't have made that pissant Fitzgerald famous, would it?


the liberals almost seem blind to their own folly...

but then they still support Hillary and Bill Clinton, who lied about everything, including the genocide in Rwanda.

if the Libby trial doesn't disgust and inspire Conservatives of all types to rebuke the negligent Democrat efforts in 2008, nothing will...

or maybe some Conservatives will continue to foolishly focus their frustrations on GW some more.

we shall see...

Anonymous said...

Rwanda? It would be nice if GW did something about Darfur today.

Fitzgerald is considered highly ethical and non partisan by democrats and republicans alike. Jeez, you people will attack anyone that isn't in your cult.

You are completely AMORAL!