Friday, March 02, 2007


Father Jonathan Morris writing on takes Director James Cameron to the woodshed in the most delightful manner when he writes that Cameron should have said the following at his press conference:

"Thank you for being here. I must admit, I am pleasantly surprised so many of you have come. Our public relations company had quite the challenge to convince you our commercial projects were headline-worthy. After all, what we are peddling is pseudo-science based on old and discredited news. But we obviously hired the right company. They came through on their promise that you wouldn’t remember, or wouldn’t care, that when this tomb was discovered twenty seven years ago, the Jewish archeologist in charge of the investigation, Amos Kloner, determined it was not the tomb of Jesus and his family and that, in fact, it is unlikely Jesus and his relatives even had a family tomb. To think that not a single respected archeologist from the Holy Land region is willing to go on record that our claims are true, and still you are here with us today, is mind-boggling. How can we thank you enough?"

As I have said before, the best way to deal with this kind of drek is to laugh at it. It's impossible to take these people seriously. We should be treating the exaggerated claims of the adherents of the Religion of Global Warming in precisely the same manner. Do this with caution, however, as their heads may explode!

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Rob said...

Apparently you do not understand science at all. We are constantly proving only to disprove. That’s what makes good science. There was a time when it was thought that the Earth was the center of the universe (as well as being flat). There were many at that point in time who would not speak out in favor of a universe as we know it to be today. It was not because they thought they were wrong but rather knew that they would be persecuted by the God fearing among them. I don’t understand why it is that unless it is written in your good book it can't be true. You use the word theory as a tool to aid in your disbelief of an idea that you do not agree with. The ideas of most of today’s realities started as theories. A good example of this is electricity. We had an idea that there were neutrons and electrons that created this electricity yet we could not see them so they were just a theory but you could still turn on a light. It always amazes me to hear from those who will stand up and say that creation is a fact even when there is no physical evidence to support this yet at the same time discredit the idea that we may be causing devastating effects to our environment.

Gayle Miller said...

Maybe you - Rob - are the ignorant one.

Rob said...

Who said anything about ignorance? I ask a question and this is the response I get? I'll ask again. Why is it that you cannot entertain the idea that humans are having a harmful effect on our environment and we should really think about the way we treat this planet?

Rob said...

Even if the polution we pump into teh air is not causing "Global Warming" it is causing serious health problems to our society. I hear everyday that 2nd hand cigarette smoke is killing people and laws are created to prevent this yet we are not willing to make the same effort to stop coal burning facilities from doing thesame. We have the technology to do this and yet the Bush administration has lifted the regulations placed upon these companies. This is plain and simple irresponsible. My great grandkids will suffer and that is not acceptable.

Gayle Miller said...

Rob - there is a very substantial and persuasive body of thought that the SUN is the culprit, not mankind. But of course, a moonbat wouldn't be willing to consider an alternative, would they? I know a great deal about science, Rob. Do you know anything about examining differing points of view?

I repeat, 30 years ago we were facing the next ice age. Now the left has a different story. It's all b.s.