Thursday, March 08, 2007


The amazing and magnificent Durham in Wonderland site examines Mike Nifong’s January 16 response to the Bar in all its evasions, half-truths and frightening ramifications.

For example, the assertions are described thus:

“” . . . that the Meehan report “was a summary report, which I would define as a report that states what tests were performed and either lists all positive results (i.e., those in which something is revealed) or states that there are no positive results.”

Alarmingly, the district attorney states that this type of report has “always” been the type that he has requested “in my 28+ years as a prosecutor,” that Meehan’s was “the type of report with which I have always dealt in cases involving forensic testing.” This admission begs the question of whether Nifong has engaged in games of hide-the-evidence previously.’

I have some questions about this entire appalling miscarriage of justice.

What is the State Attorney General’s office actually doing and, given the 3 indicted INNOCENT young men’s right to speedy justice, why are they taking so long?

And, since Nifong apparently IS represented by counsel, why did they let him write the January 16th letter – on office stationery no less – and why have they not acted to restrain him from offering continuing conflicting excuses for his shoddy behavior?

This case has stunk to high heaven from the very outset and it is definitely not improving with the passage of time.


Sigmund, Carl and Alfred said...

I live in Raleigh, a stones throw from Durham.

The state is in fear of not only having to look at every case Nifong oversaw, but of questions that might embarrass the Durham DA's office and the State DA's office, charged with overseeing the state's DA's.

This is gonna be fun.

Gayle Miller said...

You betcha!

Anonymous said...

It's only going to be fun if you're not the victim of some piece of shit violent thug Nifong convicted, but you kids have your laughs.

Oh, if I had to guess, I'd say "the 3 indicted INNOCENT young men’s right to speedy justice" was waived by counsel.

Sigmund, Carl and Alfred said...


Nifong is an ass. He was motivated by an election campaign (which he promised Easley he would NOT enter) and nothing else.

Nifong's narcissism will result in a disaster for this state's legal system, that will play out over years.

Gayle Miller said...

The defense has been demanding a speedy trial from the outset. NIFONG is the one who has created the delays. In addition, the defense has made multiple requests to MEET with Nifong to discuss exculpatory evidence (you know like ironclad alibis, etc.) but he was not interested in speaking with them.

In addition, if Nifong has been as unethical all along as he has been in this case, isn't it possible that more than just these three young men have been Nifong's victims?

Nifong is scum; he should be disbarred in perpetuity. In fact, if Durham citizens want to ride his sorry butt out of town on a rail after first applying some tar and feathers, I'd be delighted to dip into my meager retirement income to chip in for the cost of tar!

Anonymous said...

Hasn't been like a year? I can't believe the defense is saying it's ready and wanting to go and the trial is being held up because the prosecution isn't ready. That's bizarre.

Anonymous said...

There is no question that Nifong should be disbarred. He sought to advance his own career at the expense of 3 young men whose lives have been irreparably damaged. It's a shame that he has immunity from civil liability for his gross malfeasance of official duty. Nothing would please me more than to see him slapped with a multi-million dollar puntive damages judgment! Shame on him and the hooker who concocted the story. Props to her friend who all along refused to supplement the hooker's lies. This whole episode is just sad. It is another example of how the issue of race is a license to suspend reason and sanity.