Monday, March 19, 2007


Over the weekend, I happened to hear Anderson Cooper on CNN doing a promo for an up-coming show. His words were “Outed against her will, Valerie Plame will be . . .”!

I thought even the most dedicated leftwing true believing nutbar knew by now that Valerie Plame (a) was not a covert CIA operative and (b) despite the conviction of the hapless Scooter Libby, her identity as “Lying Joe” Wilson’s spouse was actually blathered about by Richard Armitage. Or is the left following the advice of Messrs. Marx and Engels, and continuing with the big lie?

I know, I know – the liberals are going to go off about how dare I accuse Anderson Cooper of lying! My question is, how can I NOT accuse him of lying when, in fact, that’s precisely what he was doing! It is so blatant that the mind simply reels!

And don't even start with me on calling Joe Wilson a liar! The United States Congress has already beaten me to it after all - several years ago!


Anonymous said...

Valerie Plame was working to track Iran’s effort to obtain nuclear weapons when her identity was leaked.

On September 26, 2003, the CIA requested that the Justice Department investigate the leak of the classified identification of Valerie Plame.

Current Director of Central Intelligence General Michael V. Hayden confirmed, “Ms. Wilson was covert.” Is he wrong? Lying?

You prove that you love your party more than you love your country every time you repeat blatant lies. You weaken the defense of this nation.

Gayle Miller said...

Anon - if you had any "balls" you'd use your name. However, ARMITAGE admitted leaking her name AND the CIA flat out said she was a freaking DESK JOCKEY!

And in his Who's Who entry in 2002, he listed his wife's name AND occupation - so who's the liar or deluded and who has the facts straight?

If you are that stupid - don't read my blog!