Thursday, March 22, 2007


The unique and penetrating intelligence of
Don Surber is never more evident than in his post today on this subject. What he seems to be saying is that the Dems are making a huge kerfuffle out of nothing because they are trying to hide something. He then goes on to opine that perhaps what the Dems are trying to hide (other than their own incompetence since the first of the year) is that their constituents are conducting sit-ins in the offices of DEMOCRATS, not Republicans, as reported today in The Hill.

Well when it comes to making like "Wiley Coyote", nothing beats the Dems. Unfortunately for them, they're ultimately just as successful at their dirty dealings and machinations as Mr. Coyote was.

What am I saying? The Democrats I remember when I was growing up (all those years ago) were pretty smart cookies. I might not have agreed with a lot of what Adlai Stevenson was saying, but I surely did admire the way that he said it and I found his reasoning thought-provoking. I adored Harry Truman because he reminded me of my paternal grandfather, but also because there was very little "guff" to the man - what you saw was what you got. I was college age when John F. Kennedy was running for the presidency and like many young women of my generation, he was just so charismatic and appealing. Those Dems are long gone and forgotten and only shadows of the former Democratic Party remain, pallid imitations of what was, once, a vibrant and interesting opposition party.

I also must admit that I am starting to sound like an old fart! I make no apologies. I look around me and see some very disturbing trends in this beautiful Republic of ours and fear for its continued health and safety.