Wednesday, December 12, 2007


In an article in the Daily Mail (London) today, it is reported that the excellent Pope Benedict XVI is essentially saying “not so fast” to the ersatz global warming prophets of doom and suggesting that extensive scientific inquiry might be warranted before declaring impending doom. How refreshingly sensible and intelligent of him! How very adult!

While the prophet of doom (aka Albert Gore, Jr., high priest of faux science) seems to accept as “settled” his conclusions about the threat of global warming, I have been skeptical from his first utterance on the subject. This is a man who is on a “mission” and like many false prophets, he and his slavish devotees allow no discussion of alternative views.

I have repeatedly expressed total doubts about the threat of global warming, most especially because I well remember some 30 years ago when an impending ICE AGE was being predicted by the same nutbars and half-assed scientific types that now are screaming “Chicken Little – the sky is falling” to credulous buffoons who are too lazy to think for themselves, or incapable of doing so.

I have been a fan of Benedict XVI since his election as Supreme Pontiff and as a devout Catholic, I have followed his writings and speeches (get yourself a copy of his address at the University of Regensburg – the one that caused such a ridiculous fuss – it is astounding in its lucid research and reasoning - brilliant work) with great interest. It is my belief that, in his unique way, Benedict XVI will go down in papal history as a GREAT pope. Completely fitting for a Pope who loves both cats and Mozart!

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Anonymous said...

I agree. Too bad the higher ups in the Bush Administration weren't as skeptical with the WMD in Iraq claims, not even bothering to ask how the intel was sourced, if it was current or years old, etc.