Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Don't you just love a lucid commentator? Following is an excerpt from Viscount Monckton's report on the goings-on at the global warming conference in Bali:

"As with the 35 errors in Gore’s movie, so with the 50 in his speech to the zombies in Bali, comfortably exceeding his personal best – all the errors tend towards an extreme and scientifically-unwarranted exaggeration of the imagined threat posed by “global warming”. The zombies, of course, lapped up every word handed down from on high by Baron Thursdi (Gore), for Bali was a science-free, fact-free zone, question-free zone. The probability that all 43 of Gore’s latest errors could have pointed by mere accident and ignorance in the direction of excessive alarm is less than one in a million billion.

Therein lies a danger that Gore has not yet seen. For he failed, yet again, to declare his financial interest before whipping up worldwide alarm with his trademark errors and exaggerations in Bali. He is a director of Lehman Brothers, a global finance house that wants to control the worldwide managed market in carbon-emissions trading. He founded his own “green” corporation, Generation Investment Management. He is a paid member of the Board of a renewable-energy company. In the UK, if he made a speech containing so many deliberate and unidirectional errors as he did in Bali, and if he failed to declare his financial interest, he would be committing a criminal offence. It is surely only a matter of time before a complaint is filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission, alleging that, through the numerous, extreme and scientifically-unwarranted exaggerations which Gore has relentlessly continued to peddle notwithstanding the warning in the UK judge’s verdict, he is in effect fraudulently promoting a false prospectors to potential investors. Indeed, his exaggerations are on such a scale, and have commanded such attention, and have done so much damage, that he may even have committed an offence under the Federal racketeering statute. I wanted to ask Gore about his failure to disclose his financial interest, but – as usual – he does not dare to take questions."
[emphasis Gayle's]

Viscount Monckton handles the “zombies” (his word – and a good one) in the best ways possible – with FACTS, ACCURACY and HUMOR.

There is nothing, nothing on earth, more dangerous than a messianic do-gooder with questionable intelligence and faulty research – and that would be your basic Albert Gore, Jr. – a man whose grades in college were LOWER than those of George W. Bush (as were John F. Kerry’s – so who is the dumb one) and who FLUNKED out of divinity school. Clearly, this is his only “respectable” means to fulfill his visceral need for adulation! Al Gore is both pathetic AND dangerous!

AMAZING UPDATE: Go to where you can read about how President Bush's intransigience on Kyoto has actually turned our nation into one of the least polluting nations on the planet! But don't expect the sheeplike MSM to publicize THAT!

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Anonymous said...

sham science indeed...

it amazes to see Gore undermine - slander - demean this fine Country.

simply pathetic.