Thursday, December 20, 2007

(or not)

"The congressional leaders ran in the last election on a promise that they would curb earmarks. And they made some progress and there's more transparency in the process. But they have not made enough progress. "The bill they just passed includes about 9,800 earmarks. Together with the previously passed defense spending bill, that means Congress has approved about 11,900 earmarks this year."

President George W. Bush, 12/20/07


Lawmakers finally came to agreement Wednesday on a spending measure to hand Bush a partial victory over Iraq War funding, allotting $70 billion in emergency war funding. Democrats had pushed to strip out all money for combat operations in Iraq, but Bush had asked for nearly $200 billion.


Democrats are attempting to claim that they had LESS earmarks than in the prior, Republican-led Congress. It isn’t true and of course, they know that but math, as we’ve had cause to discover is not their strong suit. Bear in mind the “thousands” of scientists who support Gore’s global warming fiction? Turns out there are 53 of them. Hyperbole, thy residence is on the left!

Tax and spend is what the Dems know. Playing the race card is what the Dems know. Bold-faced lies – Dems do it out of REFLEX these days.

Counting properly – this the Dems do NOT know how to do!

Here’s the deal, folks – the Dems do NOT want to win in Iraq and they do NOT (regardless of what they SAY) support the troops. How much money was involved in those self-serving piles of pork they approved? Probably enough to give the President (and the troops) a more suitable amount of funding. But then, that wouldn't suit their BDS-driven agenda, would it?

They are dishonest, corrupt and on their best day self-serving.

Those Republicans and Conservatives who “sat on their hands” to “teach the Republicans a lesson” in 2006, may you burn in hell for loosing these maggots on our nation.

And to whoever is responsible for the outrageous intent of the NYT vis-à-vis Senator John McCain (and I think their nicknames are OINK and BOINK), you definitely will be burning in hell!

Got a question – is it possible that Bubba is showing early signs of Alzheimer’s? I'm just saying.



so sadly true...

very regretful.

i love the way you tell it like it is Ms. Willis.

some days, i see on the Internet, the same sort of self destructive denial, blurring the differences between the GOP and the unethical Democrat Party.

i do try to be polite, and try to inform, and help end the mindless fashion, but some just seem 'stuck on stupid'

who knows, every day is a new beginning, and we will continue to try to do the best.

Captain America said...

You got to feel better after that one dude. Merry Christmas.

Captain America said...

Did I say dude? Aw heck. Another Eggnog for me :)

Gayle Miller said...

My McGuffin's aren't what they once were - but they are still better than most!