Thursday, December 13, 2007


*All people throughout the country, in the mainstream media and in the political world, who are afflicted with Bush Derangement Syndrome. You are ALL demented loons and should be given lip gloss laced with Krazy Glue! Now and in perpetuity.

*The strong and pervasive scent of anti-Semitism in this “land of the free, home of the brave”, coupled with the distinct addition of a very anti-Christian attitude in public life and in the mainstream media.

*Mike Huckabee, you retracted the foul canard you directed at Mitt Romney’s religion – but it was still in your mind or you wouldn’t have said it in the first place. Any slight possibility that I would consider you as a Republican presidential candidate (we don’t need another Arkansas governor as president, thank you very much – especially not one who is a clearly-bigoted Baptist minister) vanished in a heartbeat.

*Hillary Rodham Clinton and her consort the former horndog in chief – how can I count the ways? Let’s start with their habit of rewriting history every 12 seconds. Bill Clinton SUPPORTED the Iraq War when it was going well, opportunistic liar that he is, but NOW he says that he didn’t. William Jefferson Clinton wouldn’t know a truth if it came up and bit him on his nose!

*Mayor Bloomberg of NYC and all other politicians who think that Americans need a “nanny” to tell them what to eat, what not to eat and everything in between. GET OVER YOURSELVES!

*Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Jack Murtha, Ted Kennedy and all the Democratic members of congress (and some Republicans – you know who you are Voinovich, Specter, et al.) who give them free rein to be anti-American seditious cowards on a regular basis, and dishonest with it which is the ultimate crowning insult! As always, I except the excellent Senator Lieberman from this condemnation. But the rest of you? You should be thoroughly ashamed of yourselves! You daily betray the country you swore to preserve, protect and defend.

*The mainstream media who give EVERY Democrat a free pass – particularly Hillary Rodham Clinton, aka The Spawn of Satan. This evil, dangerous leftwing presidential wannabe does, I think, literally get away with murder and nobody – nobody at all – calls her on it.

*Bill O’Reilly for being a bloviating gasbag who has taken sucking up to dishonest hucksters in public life almost an art form. Bill you’re 6’4+ – you’re going to pop a disc bending over to kiss all those butts! I notice that your pal Al Sharpton is finally getting the scrutiny he so richly deserves. It's a start.

*Albert Gore, Jr. for ramming his global warming hysteria down everyone’s throat to the detriment of third world citizens whose lives will be materially diminished due to ill-conceived, poorly executed efforts to avert a crisis that doesn’t exist.

*All the people who have been treating Albert Gore, Jr. like a demigod as he pedals his global warming religion throughout the world. Ever heard of critical thinking you morons? Clearly not.

*The secularists, one and all, who tried once again to ruin Christmas for the 94% of us who profess to believe in God. Here’s the deal – read the Amendment. All that it says is that no law shall be made regarding the “establishment” of a religion. Nothing whatsoever is said about this country being devoid of religious beliefs. In fact, an open minded study of the history of the times will clearly inform you that none of the Founding Fathers ever intended this to be anything other than a faith-based country.

*All those in this country illegally, GOODBYE! We didn't invite you into OUR HOME and we certainly didn't offer you MORE RIGHTS AND BENEFITS than are available to those of us who are here legally. You have the right to demand NOTHING from the citizens of this country. You do, however, HAVE THE RIGHT TO GET OUT! Take your drunk drivers, your gang members, your unwilling-to-speak English INVADERS who are not only too stupid or lazy to learn the language of this nation, but arrogant with it! If you don't like the country the way OUR COUNTRY is run, go back where you came from and reshape your own land to suit your requirements!

*Once again, although it is not politically correct to say this, to those immigrants who want to impose the standards and customs of their former countries on ours, I have only one thing to say to you: GET OUT! We do not need or want you in our country. If it was so peachy keen where you came from, why the hell did you leave and impose your sorry selves on US? This is AMERICA you ignorant morons. We speak ENGLISH. We respect each other (at least the vast majority of us do). We do not indulge in honor killings. We do not expect our women to walk 10 paces behind us, nor do we expect them to wrap themselves in burkas. In this country, it is a CRIME to beat up on your wife, your child, your neighbor or any person who happens to incite your wrath. There is nothing, absolutely nothing, in our Constitution or Bill of Rights that gives you a right not to be offended, nor is there anything that gives you any right to commit mayhem on anyone else!

*I believe in profiling. Those 19 murderers (let’s call them what they were, folks) were not from Sweden. They were swarthy, Middle Eastern men of a certain age bracket who had specific behavior models and heavy accents. They were believers in a specific religion, mired in the 7th century and its savagery, that has, over multitudinous centuries, waged war against the West and anyone whose values and beliefs are different than their own. Am I Islamaphobic? You bet! I think anyone who has even one functioning brain cell ought to be!

*HAPPY 2008!


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