Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Something has been imitating fingernails on the blackboard of my mind and it's time to let it out - for my own sake.

What's with the unkempt look that is creeping into the sports and entertainment world. Baseball players with major stubble on their faces. Singers as well. Josh Groban, much as I adore his talents, needs to learn to use both a hairbrush AND a razor. And just a hint to the VERY handsome Steven Cousins - shave before a skating performance!

Female entertainers and skaters - if you're going to color your hair DO YOUR DAMNED ROOTS more than once every 6 months or don't do it at all! Tanith Belbin, you know I absolutely adore you and Ben Agosto - but still, dark roots don't fly chica!

And can we talk about dirty skates - boots AND laces? Flopping laces on those skates? Both Kimmie Meissner and Sasha Cohen are guilty in this area. And Kimmie - you are pretty much all grown up - time to start being "Kim" - you aren't 6 years old and maybe if you started SEEING yourself as an adult, you'd start skating like one? I'm just saying.

Here's the deal: If you are a performer or a sports figure or that delicious combination of the two that is known as figure skating - part of your JOB is good grooming. It shows that you RESPECT yourself and your RESPECT your sport.

Nothing less is acceptable.

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