Friday, December 07, 2007


Maybe not at "hello" but Mitt Romney's speech yesterday showed me a man who has a lot more going for him than his looks. While I may not be fully ready to support his presidential ambitions, he HAS convinced me to study the man and his record more closely, something I was disinclined to do before yesterday.

So Pat - I'm still on the fence - McCain isn't totally out of the picture, but Mitt is growing on me. I do not like or trust Huckabee. And do we really need another ARKANSAS politician in the White House? I think not.


Bob said...

Don't forget Mr. Laid-back!

The Practicalist said...

Awww... don't go knocking the Huckster just because he's a Hawg. He's not a Clinton. But he's also no Mitt, McCain, or Thompson. Hello there, fellow fence-sitter.