Friday, December 07, 2007


"House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) says a swipe that Vice President Cheney took at Democratic House leaders is “beneath the dignity of his office.”

Capitol Hill was abuzz Thursday with discussion of the vice president’s assertion in an interview with Politico that House Democratic leaders had been surprisingly supine: “They are not carrying the big sticks I would have expected.”

Cheney added that when he served in the House, “We would not have had a Speaker who, from my perspective, is that far out of the sort of mainstream — she is a San Francisco Democrat, certainly entitled to her views, but able to dictate policy as effectively as she apparently does to the rest of the caucus.” "

So what, exactly, did the Vice President say that was so offensive, you whiney leftwing ineffective troglodyte? You have taken over the House of Representatives, Mrs. Pelosi, imposed your San Francisco, un-American values on the entire body which is supposed to represent the rest of us who do not SHARE your values. You have had the hubris to declare yourself "the most powerful woman in the world" - and I'm surprised that that statement didn't activate Hillzilla's "hit squad".

Let me put it another way, Mrs. Pelosi, I have a 28-pound cat who could lick any one of those wimpy-assed, seditious, idiotic "yes" men in the Democratic caucus and I'd be delighted to arrange for him to prove it! Sam has teeth and he has both the knowledge and the will to use them. Can you say the same for your "pets"?


Pamela said...

Mrowr! Love it!

Bob said...

I can see that your cat is no wimp. I'll bet on him!

Captain America said...

Good stuff...Troglodyte? Them's fighting words where I come from!
Democrat she men.