Monday, November 10, 2008

GEORGE W. BUSH, 43rd President -

We have been totally blessed for 8 years by a great and good President named George W. Bush. Most of us failed to appreciate his greatness; all of us marveled at his consistent refusal to dignify the calumnies by firing back at the pinheads attacking him in childish and despicable language.

Through these 8 years, my genuine affection and respect for the man has become enormous. I was happy in 2000 when he was elected over the execrable Gore; thoroughly relieved in 2004 when the fraudulent poseur Kerry was defeated.

We have been blessed by God for 8 years and showed our appreciation for His bounty by ALLOWING the dialogue to be controlled by hateful people. Obama may be our punishment.

It would have served us right, at any time over the past almost-8 years, if George W. Bush had told us all to go to hell, decamped from the Presidency and just headed back to Crawford. But that would be untrue to the tungsten spine of a deeply moral and steadfast man who loves this country a great deal more than do his enemies - both foreign and domestic. They can demonize him all they want with their not-terribly-clever little epigrams like "chimpy Bushhitler" which only demonstrates how utterly ignorant of history AND the amazing character of the man they slander that they really are. They can speak vicious untruths about the current President of the United States, but he serenely sails along the course that he believes is the right one and ignores the jabber of the more-than-a-little insane class!

Never does our good President Bush dignify any of the calumny by a response. If he isn't leaving the Presidency with a duodenal ulcer, then God has been protecting the President's stomach lining as well as this country since 9/11!

Not only was George W. Bush betrayed by the Democrats who made a great (and fraudulent) show of patriotism after the 9/11 attacks, but he was betrayed by his own - the self-serving and spineless Republicans in the U.S. Congress. We didn't really deserve George W. Bush and it was definitely a gift of the Lord that we had him for 8 years. Barack Hussein Obama is really good at doing that passive-aggressive finger thingie - but despite how seriously it has been warranted, George W. Bush has never given "the finger" to the American people.

My prayer now is that, as has happened before, the presidency will be a transformative experience for Senator Obama. That’s my prayer, not my expectation based on his proposed Cabinet nominations and his actions since the election! God bless and keep George W. Bush, the United States of America which we all love, and all of us that we remain safe in God’s hands.

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Anonymous said...

"We didn't really deserve George W. Bush..." Amen to THAT! Istanbruce