Monday, November 03, 2008


I am not a John McCain fan on some levels. I consider McCain/Feingold to be fundamentally in violation of the First Amendment and, to my mind even worse, it has given rise to the 527s which have been, in my opinion, enormously disruptive and which have also led to the current atmosphere of poisonous animosity abroad in the land.

I will vote for Senator McCain because he is an honorable man. I will vote for Senator McCain because he is an ADULT. I will vote for Senator McCain because he will, above all other things, protect this nation’s safety and security.

While neither John S. McCain nor Barack Hussein Obama has, based on my criteria, ever held a “real job” – one in which an actual production of goods and/or services is involved – Barack Hussein Obama’s contribution to his nation’s betterment has been precisely ZERO. What bill has he written and shepherded through the legislative process? What positive contribution have either he or his perpetually petulant spouse ever really made to the betterment of their fellow citizens? From all that I have been able to glean on the sparse information made available on the man, he has been very good at TAKING from the bounty that is America, and just plain piss poor at giving back. Even his charitable giving, as detailed on his income tax returns, has been virtually nil despite his personal wealth.

John S. McCain has served his country his entire adult life, in one capacity or the other, and has made some sacrifices that are unimaginable, including 5-1/2 years in the Hanoi Hilton – something that his opponent wouldn’t survive for 5 minutes, so lacking is Obama in character or moral center! And Senator McCain and his wife are exceptionally generous in their charitable giving.

While Senator Obama has no problem with the killing of the unborn – or even the just-born, I believe it was Senator McCain and his wife who adopted a severely ill third-world child and provided the necessary medical care to make her the vibrant and happy teenager she is today. Would either Barack Obama or Michelle Obama have the generosity of heart to do that? Based on the fact that Senator Obama has family members living in abject poverty – both here and in Kenya – my answer has to be no.

Finally, I will vote for John McCain because of Sarah Palin. She is like fine wine and will only get better with the passage of time. On the other hand, Senator Joe Biden is a horse’s ass on his best days and it is unthinkable that he would be a heartbeat from the presidency! As unqualified as Barack Hussein Obama is, his selection of Rosary Joe Biden as his running mate is proof certain of his appalling lack of judgment!

We’ll be voting at 6 a.m. tomorrow morning in Virginia. Then we’ll drive in to work.

PLEASE BE SURE TO VOTE. Your lives very well may depend on it. And while you’re at it – pray for our nation.



pianogirl said...

Thank you for so beautifully expressing your thoughts about why you are voting & how you reached your decision! I'll be standing in line in the Peoples Republic of Maryland, where my vote won't mean anything with the libs and manipulations of votes, but vote I shall!!!

Anonymous said...

Gayle, you've summed up in a very gentle fashion what many of us sometimes can only bark forth with clenched teeth. I'm taking a break from it all tonight; drinking a little Cab with my pizza, watching a bit of football after O'Reilly and trying not to show too much schpilcus in my 'net missives. :-D

I'm thankful I can sleep-in tomorrow instead of having to vote; I'm on the road this week and voted early with the Acornistas and Obamites in downtown Columbus before I left.

Pray for the Republic, be of good cheer and remember: Rom 8:28 And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to [his] purpose.

Mr MM said...

Can't sleep this morning. I have been praying and praying this past month or so. I am thankful your blog has helped to keep me sane during this crazy election. Go Palin!