Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Time to take a deep breath, sit back and get some rest and then decide what steps I would recommend the GOP/Conservatives take in order to roar back in 2 years with a more reasonable version of the U.S. Congress. One thing that is a comfort is that Mitch McConnell will be the "go to" guy for us in Congress. He has proven pretty consistently that he actually does possess some cojones, something sadly lacking in our GOP elected officials of late!I'll be back by Monday. Meanwhile, keep on praying for our nation's future and safety from threats both foreign and domestic.


LargeBill said...

Funny you would say that, that is exactly the advice Father P. gave tonight. He said the first thing the pro-life movement should do is to take a few days off to mourn. He went on to say we need to think outside the box and come up with new ideas.

He went on to remind us that while it seems like the fight has been going on forever, it in the grand scheme of things it isn't that long a time. The fight against slavery in this country didn't start in the years just before the Civil War. Ben Franklin started working against that particular evil in 1752.

See ya in a few days.

pianogirl said...'ve been "off" since last Wednesday. Time to get back to the blog, dear Gayle!!! ;~)