Wednesday, November 12, 2008


There is no question that the economy has serious issues at the moment, and has had for the past several months.

The Democrats created this crisis by forcing lending institutions to issue mortgages to people who were unqualified to have same. Two of my acquaintances, both of whom liberals and Obama supporters, are BOTH bailing on their home mortgages primarily because they were stupid enough to get in over their heads with ARMs. And hell, why not join the stampede, right? One of them was even miffed that she had to meet criteria in order to short-sale her current home come Springtime! That is an irresponsible attitude at best, particularly since both of them are capable of earning a good enough living to pay the damned mortgage themselves. It just doesn't fit their "aspirations"! Lord help us all!

The roller coaster ride that financial markets have become is very much at the doorstep of George Soros and others of his ilk. After all, that’s how George Soros made his billions of dollars in the first place. He has been quite blunt that he doesn’t give a damn who gets hurt when he has manipulated the markets in the past and I am willing to bet that he expects to benefit mightily this time. Certainly has already served notice that they expect President-elect Obama to "fall in line" once he takes office.

In the meantime, groups such as ACORN have been permitted to run amok and create chaos during the 11/4 election, creating more instability.

The leftists have no intention of surrendering their gains in taking over our nation any time in the future. They have used our own strengths against us and have been enabled to do so because Republicans in the Senate and the U.S. House of Representatives have been too spineless and too lacking in core moral values over a long period of time to put a brake on them.

And then there’s our President-Elect. I’m sure he is smart enough not to have authorized his campaign spokesperson to opine that he will be “ready to rule” on Day One, but my personal opinion is that for the next 2 years, with an unfettered Congressional delegation, we are in for a rocky period.

There’s no point in going elsewhere folks. Mexico is in the middle of a drug war and Canada has slid so far down the road to socialism that it may be 50 years before its people are able to free themselves, if ever. An island in the Pacific is fairly impractical, albeit attractive!

What we need to do right now, without any delay and even before the Inauguration of President-elect Obama, is begin rebuilding the Republican Party in a solidly conservative vein . We can begin by insisting that Michael Steele is elected RNC chairman and that Newt Gingrich is brought onto the board as an advisor. Newt is an ideas guy and grand at achieving majority. But once he’s there, he’s not the best at maintaining. That’s why Michael Steele is a far better choice. The site is and I would advise hopping on over there and expressing your desires in the matter.

We need to start now to find and encourage solid candidates for Congress so that their organizations are in place well before the runup to the 2010 elections. To quote someone else, “Yes we can" – drive the left wing out of Congress and reestablish the rule of law and the respect for the U.S. Constitution in our nation. If we are successful and blow the wienies out of the House then even the most feckless RINOs in the Senate will take notice and begin to behave themselves! At least enough of them to keep the Dems in check.

We have 2 years to get things back on a more even keel in the Congress. As inept as Pelosi and Reid have proven themselves to be, and as inexperienced and inept as our new President will probably prove himself to be, it may just be enough time. I hope. And I pray.

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Paul said...

The Republican party needs to go back to the priciples that made it viable !! They need to concentrate on presenting issues not attacking Obama.