Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Actually, there are a variety of factors that will contribute to Senator Barack Obama's defeat today. The first is that there are sufficient Americans who have not quaffed at the altar of the heretical messiah worship indulged in by the American news media and many of the Senator's dimmer supporters.

The second reason, one not widely discussed except in specialized blogs, is the abortion issue. The Catholic bishops have, this year for the first time, spoken out forcefully against Catholic candidates who are pro choice such as Senator Joseph "Rosary Joe" Biden and Representative Nancy Pelosi. This is a quiet dynamic that has received insufficient attention.

The third reason, again not being discussed, goes by the names of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, two of the most disliked politicans in Washington, D.C. Maybe they aren't disliked by their own constituents - but this country is made up of a great deal more than San Francisco values and the State of Nevada and in those venues, these two cretins are seen for the completely ineffective partisan hacks they truly are. The thought of a President who will not hold these two farceurs in check is unattractive at best.

Finally, there is the Bradley factor. Given the thuggish and/or intimidating behavior of so many of Senator Obama's supporters and his failure to condemn their actions (need we look further than the Black Panthers with night sticks standing in front of a polling place in Philadelphia THIS MORNING), is it any wonder that many people may SAY they are voting for Senator Obama when in reality they are simply fearful about saying that they are not voting for him? The woman in Florida who opined to a telephone solicitor that she would not vote for Senator Obama because he killed babies was turned in to the Secret Service. Supporters of Senator Obama attempt to intimidate radio talk show hosts in Chicago when they have on people whose views differ from those of the Senator. Reporters for newspapers that have endorsed Senator McCain are kicked off the campaign plane. Sounds like Argentina during the rise of Juan Peron to me, folks! Or the 1930s in Germany perhaps?

Finally, there is the matter of national security. Americans with even one functional brain cell know that they can TRUST John S. McCain to preserve, protect and defend the United States of America. Those who do not vote for Senator Obama do not believe that they can trust Senator Obama to do likewise.

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