Monday, November 17, 2008


On January 20, 2009, whether it makes us happy or not, the fact is that at 12 Noon on that day, Barack Hussein Obama will become the 44th President of the United States, and my president. No I didn’t vote for him but nonetheless, he will be my president just as fully as he will be the president of every single American.

Based on that, I have no choice but to wish him well and hope that what we think we have heard in terms of his rhetoric during the campaign will not materialize in his administration. In fact, for the sake of our nation, we should do everything in our power to help Barack Hussein Obama to be the best, most effective President he can be.

Unlike the Democrats’ 8 year tantrum since George W. Bush WON the Florida vote count and became our president (yes, dear leftwing crybabies, a number of independent recounts have conclusively shown that he DID win Florida and thus the presidency – nobody stole anything and get over yourselves already). I will not call my president by stupid and inaccurate names but I will not self-censor in terms of expressing disagreement. Hysterical loathing is counterproductive at the best of times and this nation has far too many challenges facing it right now. We cannot afford to be self-indulgent pouters operating from emotion rather than logic and clear thought!

I believe that this is my responsibility as a United States citizen. Nothing less, nothing more. I will not succumb to the hysteria surrounding our President-elect in many quarters, but I will show respect for him as the occupant of the office he is due to assume and will be an example of correct and proper behavior vis-à-vis a President for whom I did not vote. His greatest challenges may well emanate from his own Party in the persons of Senator Harry Reid and Representative Nancy Pelosi, two incompetents if ever such existed, and the extremists in his Party who wrongly expect him to be and do everything for everybody, without accepting the simple reality that he doesn't have that kind of power and will not have that kind of power. Our new president will be subject to and constrained by the U.S. Constitution and we must make certain that any programs or initiatives that violate that Constitution are rapidly defeated on that basis.

In other words, we must watch him like a hawk!

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Anonymous said...

Excellent post. That's the key point -- whether we voted or not for Obama, Bush, or any other president, they deserve our support.