Thursday, March 03, 2011


The usual self-congratulatory, arrogant and smug nonsense prevailed on Sunday night with a few bright spots. And of course, some loons had to inject politics into an area where politics were, most assuredly, out of place but that's the nature of the air-head beast, after all!

I don't give a rat's eardrum for the critiques of James Franco and Anne Hathaway as co-hosts. I thought they were a perfect counterpoint to each other. She was light and frothy, he was a tad dour and laconic. And I very much suspect that the producer of the show, Bruce Cohen, planned it that way. Mr. Cohen is brilliant and talented and it would be most remarkable if he did anything by accident!

The acceptance speech by the screenwriter of "The King's Speech" was delightful and gave hope to us old farts who suspect they haven't fulfilled our potential as yet! Hey, I'm only 68. I still have time!

Kirk Douglas proved that despite the nasty assault of time and illness, he still has "it" which includes timing and humor!

I think the glossing over of the Hersholt Awards was deplorable and the In Memoriam segment should not have been shortened to conform to the length of the song "Smile" - Celine wouldn't have objected to an additional chorus under those circumstances.

But those minor snits aside, it was the best show in years and closing with PS 22's choir was inspired and inspiring, as well as emotionally satisfying.

So the self-appointed "smart people" who no doubt feel that unless they disparage something that was actually enjoyable to watch for a change can just continue to run their stupid mouths but none of us need to heed their stupid opinions! That's what I think and I don't really give a damn if others don't agree. I am, after all, closing in on the age of 69 and every day I care less about the opinions of others!

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CDR J said...

I really lost faith in the Academy when they gave the Best Picture to Shakespeare in Love instead of Saving Private Ryan.

This year my faith in the Academy was restored, with Best Picture and best director going to the King's Speech, and Best Actor going to Colin Firth. My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed the movie - I sat there thinking "This is a GREAT movie" - something I haven't thought in a long time while watching a movie.