Tuesday, March 01, 2011


As much as you love them, as much as you want to help them - addicts of all kinds are a hopeless endeavor. They must hit rock bottom (whatever that may be - it differs from addict to addict) before they are even remotely interested in helping themselves.

Charlie Sheen's current public pronouncements are disturbing and indicate - at least to me - that he is nowhere near rock bottom. It's too bad he is 44 years old. If he were younger, perhaps his father could lock him up as needs to happen.

When, oh when, is someone going to have the courage to tell this out-of-control, delusional adolescent that he hasn't "cured himself" with his mind but rather that he is on the way to total destruction. My fondest wish is that this talented manchild will reach true enlightenment about his poor and ever-diminishing prospects of living long enough to see his twins grow to adulthood, never mind his two beautiful daughters with Denise Richards!

UPDATE: Charlie Sheen just keeps giving interviews. His P.R. person has resigned which is a sign to me that Mr. Sheen is batshit crazy and totally out of control. He is clearly bipolar or schizophrenic and he's also afflicted with diarrhea of the mouth and no impulse control or editing functions!

Continue to pray for him. This is a talented man in deep trouble, helped not one bit by the various media outlets who are lining up to give him a forum for his insane expression of the turmoil that is his mind!

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