Thursday, March 24, 2011


Otherwise known as Vice President Joe "Plugs" Biden and his erstwhile "boss" Barack Hussein Obama.

First example on Wednesday. That was when a few early arriving members of the Toronto Blue Jays weren't permitted to disembark from their team bus and go into their own clubhouse at Steinbrenner Field because the Secret Service was using it as a route to get Joe Biden onto the field for a meet-and-greet with members of the New York Yankees. Mind you, there was a game scheduled and the Blue Jays needed to get ready to go to work (Work - you know that activity that Vice Presidents really don't participate in?). But the Vice President had taken a notion that he wanted to hang out with the big boys at Steinbrenner Field so who gave a damn about the convenience or comfort of the Toronto Blue Jays who were left sitting on their bus - not even parked - circling the facility until they could be permitted into their OWN clubhouse!

Second example - on any given day of the week when himself is in town and not on another of his never-ending vacation trips or playing golf, the President of the United States, usually during rush hour, likes to go swanning around town in his motorcade. It doesn't matter to this oblivious and selfish child that hard working folks are trying to get out of town and go home after a long day at work, generally a day that starts with a lengthy commute (and not via limo).

It occurs to me that the Democrats like to paint themselves as the party of the little guy - when in reality, they are the fat cats, endlessly self-indulgent and completely ignorant of the lives and needs of the people they are SUPPOSED to represent.


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cmblake6 said...

Superb rant. Well done!