Wednesday, March 23, 2011


A few months after the death of Mike Todd, I happened to be on a flight to New York and who should come aboard but Elizabeth Taylor with her entourage, still in mourning but likewise spectacularly gorgeous. She was an absolutely jaw-droppingly beautiful presence on the flight and those eyes were beyond anything I have ever seen!

My late mother was fond of telling me that character lasted long after looks. But Elizabeth Taylor's looks were nearly indelible. The bone structure was phenomenal and quite honestly, I have always found it difficult to forgive Joan Rivers for her many cheap shot jokes at Ms. Taylor's expense.

Elizabeth Taylor has always been there throughout my lifetime and, like everyone, I was absolutely fascinated by the Taylor-Burton relationship and the tempestuous marriage between the two talented stars. I know that, like the rest of the world, she mourned the not-unexpected early demise of Richard Burton who was, along with Mike Todd, the love of her life.

Now she has departed this life - perhaps to find a better, more pain free plane of existence. We will miss her and mourn her passing.

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