Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Although try telling that to the MSM which is in full hyperbolic overdrive vis-a-vis the Japanese nuclear reactor problems.

According to a nuclear power plant expert on Fox and Friends this morning, the reality is that yesterday's incident was a steam release which was, of course, troubling but in the main not long-term dangerous. The various nuclear power reactors are damaged, no question, BUT they are encased in stainless steel containment buildings that appear to be undamaged in the main.

But of course, behaving in a rational manner about the possibility of nuclear contamination from nuclear power plants would not serve the left-wing's longtime opposition to nuclear energy that is based on their fear of what? Not living to be 200 years old? Big news flash - it isn't going to happen regardless. All your jogging and health foods and nonsense and behaving like smug, self-righteous boors will avail you maybe an extra year or two (while listening to your whining tends to make me feel that I've been here long enough). Are you so special that we need you around that long? Hell to the no! You're annoying and self-absorbed and, for the most part, non-contributing members of society in any real sense. I mean, your feckless leader - the magnificent Barry - is absorbed in all kinds of important activities like playing golf and filling out his Brackets. Why does a mental picture of Nero fiddling come to my mind?

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