Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I lived in the shakey state of California for some 20 years. Earthquakes are unpredictable and destructive, as well as harmful to your mental health. That might be the explanation (in part) for Charlie Sheen, but I really couldn't say for sure!

My point is that living with that kind of uncertainty and danger 24/7 is detrimental to a human psyche and yet the Japanese people, in the main, are the most balanced and hardest working people one can imagine. They produce some incredibly good figure skaters as well!

What these people are enduring is appalling. Somehow I doubt that many Americans would fare as well as the average Japanese citizen under similar circumstances. I know I'd be hard pressed to do so. Unlike the union thugs in Wisconsin, there's no whining, no sense of entitlement. There's just an attitude of "get on with it" abounding throughout the nation of Japan. They have my admiration and they should have all the support we can give.

Ordinary Americans are the most generous and charitable people on earth. However, what the Japanese need the most is something that is cost-free and without price. Pray for them. Pray that the aftershocks will abate sufficiently to permit measures to stabilize the nuclear power plants. Pray that the predicted death toll is erroneous! Pray that God takes these heroic people in the palm of his hand where love and safety abide.

God bless them, all of them.

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