Tuesday, March 08, 2011


During the time that "Skating with the Stars" was airing, I was dismissive and critical of Bethenney Frankel. She appeared to pose a threat to my beloved Rebecca Budig and I truly didn't think she was as good.

Over the weekend, I happened to start watching her reality show "Bethenney Getting Married?" which was about as enjoyable as anything I've seen in awhile - touching and funny and thought-provoking. It also gave me a very clear opinion of Ms. Frankel and utterly changed my mind about the woman. She is damaged, emotionally fragile, strong of character and purpose and a very funny woman. I think I'd like her for a friend and I don't accept that easily.

So Ms. Frankel, I'm sorry for misjudging you and hope that you, your husband and your adorable daughter Bryn have a long and happy life.

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