Thursday, August 31, 2006


During the 2004 presidential campaign, when people asked John Kerry to release his full military records (which he promised to do and still has not yet done) or when the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth began to oppose his presidential ambitions, the immediate response was “Are you questioning my patriotism?”. Note, Senator Kerry failed to acknowledge the proven TRUTH of the Swifties’ charges – he couldn’t do that because the Swift Boat Veterans, contrary to the leftwingnuts’ claims were never discredited. And heaven knows they TRIED.

The same applies to many other of the left loon tinfoil hat wearing crowd. Max Cleland has been trotted out to oppose our president and because he was injured in Vietnam, we must never, ever question any word that comes out of this man’s mouth. Bullshit.

Last night, Paul Hackett was on The Factor, mouthing all manner of nonsense and, predictably, when someone questioned his position, he trotted out that old warhorse “Are you questioning my patriotism?”.

Here’s the thing, I DO question the patriotism of these Democratic leftist crybabies. I DO NOT believe that they have America’s best interests at heart, but rather their own. For the past three years, I have watched numerous left wing politicians (John Kerry, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Ted Kennedy, Jack Murtha, just to name a few) feeding their own ambitions and leftwing agendas at the cost of undermining the safety and security of America’s citizens. I’d lump John McCain into that crowd, but he has at least had SOME moments of sanity before whipsawing into another new position.

Has the quest for raw political power become so all-consuming that politicians will say anything, do anything, betray anything to achieve their selfish desires? Apparently so. Do I find that despicable? Absolutely.

The question is, what to do about it.

How about this? When next you are asked the question, “Are you questioning my patriotism?”, let’s not give the politically correct or polite answer but rather, tell the truth. The proper response is: “Yes, I am! Can you give me any solid, sober, sane answer that refutes my belief? And try not to mosey into hysteria while doing so!” The sputtering outrage that results should be mildly amusing.

You might even get an intelligent response, but unless you look REALLY good in blue, don’t hold your breath!



"I DO NOT believe that they have America’s best interests at heart, but rather their own."

neither do i...
these wimps will do or say anything...

as fake as can be...
and i believe this post is abolutely perfect.

some pundits, on all sides have the same floppy demeanor, and it really is tiresome.

but we will not give up, but continue to fight for this fine Country...

Gayle Miller said...


AYouthInTheWilderness said...

You are right, I doubt that many national leaders would not flop around whichever way when caught in the headlights.
Braving your instantaneous dislike, I will note that I feel this patriotism pinch even more acutely from the present administration, especially in their terrorism comments.
Its hard being young, I see so very few leaders that I would like to emulate.

Gayle Miller said...

ayouthinthewilderness: I can't really empathize with your feelings because I grew up with lots of heroes: Winston Churchill, Harry Truman, and many others. But I do feel so very sad that you don't have someone to look up to. I don't have children (wish I had had them but that's life), but at age 64 I am frequently saddened by the crappy world we're leaving our youth.

And just so you know, my liking and approval of our current President stems from a lot of sources, including the fact that in my younger days, I had the privilege of meeting his mother and working with her on a political project and my liking for the son directly stems from my enormous respect and liking for his mother!

I certainly hope that as you move through this life of yours, you do find heroes. They can be found pretty much anywhere. For example, one of my earliest heroines was a figure skater named Tenley Albright (no relation to Madeline). She had survived polio and began figure skating to build up her strength. She lived every day of her early training career with unimaginable pain and yet she persevered to become an Olympic, World and United States Champion.

Know too, ayouth, that there is no instantaneous dislike occasioned by your comments, coming as was obvious, from an intelligent and honest young person.

Hope your Labor Day weekend is wonderful.

Fiddlerbob said...

It is so refreshing to read honest discorse from different political as well as age perspectives. Where is the manditory name calling?

Gayle Miller said...

fiddlerbob - I don't believe in name calling for the most part (I have my moments like anyone else) and the youth of this country need and deserve all the kindness and encouragement available. They are the future.