Tuesday, August 22, 2006


According to an AP article in the Washington Post today, there are two groups in Connecticut attempting to short circuit Senator Joseph Lieberman’s run for the Senate as an Independent. The level of hatred demonstrated in this continuing attack on a decent man and an effective Senator is utterly abhorrent and the current efforts to curtail his run for re-election need to be addressed.

One group, describing themselves as “peace activists” have asked Sharon Ferrucci, Democratic registrar of voters in New Haven, to remove Lieberman from the party, arguing that he cannot be a Democrat while running under another party’s banner. This request could force Senator Lieberman to defend his adherence to Democratic Party principles, which brings up an obvious question: Does the Democratic Party as now constituted HAVE any principles left? A further question resulting from this particular effort generates another question. Who ARE these so-called “peace activists” and WHERE do they actually live and vote? I think Ms. Ferrucci needs to have a definitive answer to THAT question before she even mildly considers dealing with this group’s demands.

Another effort being mounted against Senator Lieberman at least has the virtue of being spearheaded by an actual resident of Connecticut. Beyond that, I see no real merit in the accusation by John Orman, a Democrat who gave up a challenge to Lieberman last year, who argued in complaints filed with the state on Monday that the Senator should be kept off the November 7 ballot because he has created a “fake political party” in order to continue his run. This would be as opposed to a “real” political party consisting of nutbars and venom-spewing sore losers like you, Mr. Orman?

Clearly, the Democratic Party in Connecticut is in disarray and they appear to be somewhat flummoxed that Senator Lieberman isn’t going quietly away as they would prefer.

Clue to the dingaling morons of the Connecticut Democratic Party and all their “peace activist” friends: Senator Joseph Lieberman, although I agree with very little about him, is a genuine patriot and a man of morals and conviction. So whine, whimper and bloviate all you want, he is almost certainly going to continue as Senator from Connecticut. The big question is, how much of an education about YOURSELVES are you giving this fine man and how is that going to affect his future voting inclinations?

The law of unintended consequences is no doubt going to be biting your sorry butts soon enough – and again! Couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of losers!


Anonymous said...

Hardcore tactics are a staple of American democracy. Practicing them says nothing about the candidate except that s/he wants to win.

Gayle Miller said...

There is hardcore and then there is skullduggery! What is happening here is skullduggery pure and simple. It is hatred for hatred's sake and NOT what American political behavior was ever intended to be about.

I'm old enough to remember Democrats bugging the phones at Republican headquarters in Lake County, Ohio (I never did figure out what they hoped to gain in that particular backwater) in the 60s. THAT isn't acceptable behavior and neither is what is happening in Connecticut. Wanting to win is not what it's all about. HOW you win is important as well else what good is our republic and what it is SUPPOSED to stand for.