Thursday, August 10, 2006


If you live in the Eastern Daylight Savings time zone, you awakened this morning to the news that, thanks to joint efforts by the U.K. intelligence forces in the lead with our intelligence forces as backup, another Al Qaeda plot has apparently been “disrupted”, although officials refuse to characterize the situation as “thwarted” at this time. The arrest of 21 Muslim men has been announced. An additional 30-50 suspects are being sought. From the early reports, their intent was to bring liquid explosive and electrical devices onto planes flying internationally on American, United and Continental Airlines and detonate the devices in midair over heavily populated tourist areas, principally in New York, Washington, D.C. and California.

We are indeed fortunate that the New York Times didn’t learn about this round-up of terror suspects in time to warn our enemies. We are even more fortunate that we are blessed with a President of steadfast courage and determination and his counterpart in the U.K., Prime Minister Tony Blair who has consistently risked his political career (and his actual life) over the years since 9/11 as our partner in the War on Terror.

We should be thanking God for our continued safety since 9/11 and for these two fine leaders who have helped to keep us that way. We should also be thanking ourselves and every other voter who saw through the barrage of Bush Derangement Syndrome prattling and kept George W. Bush in the presidency.

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