Friday, August 18, 2006


This week the entire JonBenet Ramsay murder case has again become a big network feeding frenzy with the apparent confession of a 41-year old American man who is being held for extradition back to Boulder, CO from Thailand – a place where it is said that children are routinely bought and sold for temporary or permanent sexual purposes. Remind me never to visit there.

The networks are busily engaged in over-covering what really should always have been a purely local tragedy, but for the ravenous appetite of the 24-hour news cycle and, of course, the availability of those tapes of the 6 year old victim performing on stage in entirely too adult routines, replayed ad nauseam 10 years ago, and once again this week.

At the outset, I think it only fair to state that I do not now, nor have I ever, approved of baby beauty contests. I have had friends who were eager to put their little ones on the pageant circuit and in EVERY case, it was less about how beautiful or talented were the children and more about how avaricious for attention were the parents. I observed the depradations on the soul visited on children by stage parents when I was competing as an ice skater (My mother, bless her, couldn't have cared less if I won - she was only happy that I was learning not to trip over my own feet.)

I believe that beauty pageants for children are obscenities and everything that follows must, necessarily, be colored by that opinion. While I do not subscribe to the “she asked for it” school of thought when it comes to crimes against women, when parents display these very young, frequently only marginally talented children as objects of desire, they are profaning the innocence of youth in a world full of sick bastards who love to violate innocence! Why would ANY parent willingly, even eagerly, subject their child to the possible attentions of such perverts? For any reason whatsoever? I confess, I just don’t get it.

As to Mr. Karr’s confession, right now I’m not buying it. Contradictions abound and inconsistencies can be spotted by even the most gormless observer. Added to that the fact that he is visibly reveling in all the attention, and I find myself having serious doubts about the veracity of his purported confession and even of his involvement in any manner.

Finally, a word to the media. From the very beginning of this story, there have been a multitude of assiduously-reported errors brayed forth into the public purview. And this is a case where no less an authority than John Ramsay himself should be clearly heard: Don’t rush to judgment! Let the legal system do its job. Don’t convict without a trial. Innocent until proven guilty! DID ANY OF YOU INCREDIBLE BOZOS EVER HEAR OF A FACT-CHECKER? THE OHIO SUPREME COURT DECISION IN THE SAM SHEPPARD CASE?

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shoprat said...

Things like "festival princess" contests involving only local girls who are a little bit older than she was are one thing, but interstate "beauty" contests for six year old girls is just plain absurd.

Trying to bring out the "sex appeal" of girls whose age is one digit does nothing more than excite the pedovores (more fitting term than pedophile).