Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Today in a California court, John Mark Karr waived extradition back to Boulder, Colorado where he faces charges in the 10-year-old murder of 6-year old JonBenet Ramsay.

Mr. Karr will not, apparently, travel to Boulder in the relative comfort in which he traveled to California from Thailand. A lot of people are outraged by the fact that he was brought back in Business Class and had wine with his (several) meals. But as someone else commented – it was STILL airline food. My feeling is that I don’t begrudge him that last comfortable journey since any future journeys are likely to be far more uncomfortable.

Looking at the first scenario, if Mr. Karr is convicted (and I consider this a big “if” based on the evidence on offer so far), he will be going to a Colorado prison where he will probably meet up with his own personal “Bubba”, if he lives long enough. Given the attitude of most convicts toward child murderers, his life won’t be very long. In any event, no prison on earth is noted for the excellence of its fare!

The second scenario, if Mr. Karr is NOT convicted, leads to him being prosecuted for making false police reports among other things. Nothing good will be derived from the second possibility, although presumably he will at least be alive and not subject to the tender mercies of “Bubba”! But then again, maybe not.

John Mark Karr’s affect and statements so far lead me to believe that he is very likely to be a scam artist angling for his 15 minutes of fame without regard to the pain and anguish being caused to his own family and the family of JonBenet Ramsay. Of course, he COULD be guilty. But right now I have my doubts.

Now it’s time for the justice system to do its thing. It’s also time for the various alphabet networks and print media to stop the 24/7 saturation coverage of what should have always been a local tragedy and allow the speculation and wild rumors to come to a halt. What is needed now is accuracy, serious research and investigation and mature behavior – none of which qualities are easily come by in today’s 24/7 news climate.

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