Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Coming Into Play in Connecticut Today

Unintended Consequence #1: Senator Joseph Lieberman surprises everyone and wins the primary. This is a major slap in the face (again) to the Kos Kids who haven’t won ONE out of the 19 they’ve tried to influence so far, this one being #20. This would also constitute an ENORMOUS boost in the confidence of incumbents around the country.

Unintended Consequence #2: Lieberman loses the primary and runs for office as an independent, at which time he soundly defeats whatever nonentity being offered by the Republicans AND Ned Lamont. This is a net loss for the Democrats, a major slap in the face to the NetRoots crowd (Note - either way, they LOSE).

Unintended Consequence #3: The other incumbents running for re-election see the Connecticut results. As a result, they re-tool and re-energize their re-election campaigns while they still have AMPLE time to do so. And they all win re-election. Another defeat for the loony left.

Unintended Consequence #4: The leftwing NetRoots folks are now fully and irrevocably revealed for the racist, anti-Semitic moonbats they are! And they can’t blame President Bush - they did it to themselves.

Meanwhile, Ned Lamont, a man I consider to be lacking in both class and character is sailing along apparently secure in the blithe ignorance that can only be affected by the deeply insulated, super-rich. Bear in mind, I’m not just basing my opinion of Lamont on the Huffington “blackface” photoshop incident but rather on Lamont’s appearance with George Stephanopoulos this past Sunday. George called Lamont a liar to his face (when Lamont claimed he didn’t know anything about the NetRoots campaign nor did he have any control over them) and Lamont couldn’t refute him because Steph used Lamont’s own words to prove Steph’s point. Lanny Davis has condemned Lamont’s supporters for their activities.

As my friend Marty says, when George and Lanny are the voices of reason in the Democratic Party - that Party is in big time trouble.

UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES can really bite you in the bum big time!

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