Friday, August 04, 2006


Hillary Rodham Clinton's hypocrisy is nearly breathtaking in its scope. For this woman, of all people, to take the Secretary of Defense to task in the way that she did yesterday was despicable, considering that HER husband is the one whoeviscerated our military and our intelligence gathering capabilities with Jamie Gorelick's "wall". And if she talks to the Secretary of Defense like this now - heavenforefendd what she would sound like if we were unlucky enough to somehow end up with another Clinton presidency! The mind sweats in abject terror!

Aside from all other considerations, she was just plain RUDE to a man who is (a) her elder, (b) considerably more experienced in government affairs than she can ever claim to be and (c) was there voluntarily. She spoke to the Secretary of Defense in the hectoring tone of an overly critical mother chiding a recalcitrant child. If she was trying to appear 'presidential' the attempt was a failure.


Watched a bit of Larry King Live last night involuntarily. My digital cable has a very relaxing onscreen solitaire game but they play CNN in the background. Most annoying, that!

Unfortunately (for my night's rest), just before I turned off the television before going to bed, I heard Queen Noor proclaim that after all, the State of Israel had "driven the Palestinians from their homes". Seldom does anything strike me this way, but I actually stood in my living room with my mouth hanging open in shock for a few seconds. Naturally, Mr. King, the syncophant-in-chief at CNN, neither questioned nor corrected this erroneous statement.

Queen Noor was born in this country in 1951 when the "free" educational system was still reasonably effective, and while I do understand that she is the widow of an ARAB king, didn't little Lisa Halaby study HISTORY when she was in school in the United States? Her father was a diplomat and served in both the Kennedy and Johnson administrations. She DID graduate from Princeton, did she not? She should know that, contrary to her assertion last night, Israel did NOT drive the "Palestinians" from their homes. In fact, when the State of Israel was founded, the Jews (who know a thing or six about being driven from their homes) explicitly INCLUDED the indigenous Arab population in full citizenship.

Rather than being driven from their homes, those now known as the Palestinians (there really is no such nationality) left their homes in order to provide a clear path for their other Arab brothers to drive the Israelis "into the sea", at which point the intent was to return and reap the benefits of all the improvements the Israelis had done to the land which, under Arab stewardship, had been an arid wasteland.

Furthermore, refuting Muslim assertions that the land was theirs in the first place, considering that Islam was created some 900 years AFTER the birth of Christ, in my view both the Jews and the Christians have a far better claim to the land.


ScottG said...

What! Hillary a hypocrit? Who'd a believed it!

Gayle Miller said...

Apparently you do! And why not? If it walks like a hypocrite, talks like a hypocrite and looks like a hypocrite (and a shrill and vicious one at that), she must BE a hypocrite!