Thursday, March 20, 2008


Apparently the foaming-at-the-mouth hate-filled sermons of his pastor of 20 years aren't supposed to make us wonder about the true beliefs and intentions of candidate for the Democratic nomination, Barack Hussein Obama, 1st Term Senator representing the State of Illinois (when he can be bothered to show up and when he can be persuaded to do more than vote “present”).

Recently, the Candidate gave a lengthy speech that was intended to calm the furor over some of the Rev. Wright’s more incendiary sermons, many of which appear to me to be somewhat more political than religious in content. Where is the IRS in all of this and shouldn’t they be dealing with Rev. Wright’s church’s tax-exempt status?

Once again, despite his stated aims of keeping race out of the conversation, Senator Obama’s actions and associations inject the subject directly into the political process. And, despite the Senator’s attempts to blame us nasty old conservatives for this latest brouhaha, this one’s on you Senator. All on you!

First your lady wife opines that only IF you are elected President will she be able to feel proud of America. What a condescending, not to mention asinine point of view for someone whose husband aspires to lead this nation! Michelle Obama grew up privileged (despite her protestations to the contrary) and is still living a very privileged life. She is better off than at least 90% of her fellow countrymen, be they black, white, Latino or Asian and she’s got the unmitigated gall to play the VICTIM card? That’s chutzpah, lady!

As for you, Senator, you were raised in extreme comfort in Hawaii of all places, by two loving WHITE grandparents who saw to it that you had the best of everything. So of course you thank them by spouting the inevitable bullshit victim line of gab! I’m sorry – if you went to Harvard, you ain’t no victim, Senator!

Here’s the deal, Senator: You aren’t a dewy eyed kid and your treacle-laden rhetoric is starting to wear thin with a lot of people – even some of those who have been slavishly adoring you for no discernible reason. Time to come clean because these are not times for taking a chance on insubstantial clouds of obfuscation. The American people have the right to know precisely what they’re buying if they choose to vote for you. I don’t give a rat’s eardrum how well you speak, I want some content, dammit!

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