Thursday, March 27, 2008


Watching the Dems eat their own is not nearly the fun I imagined it would be. Don’t get me wrong, there’s a certain sick fascination as their various outright lies and evasions are revealed. And there is also the stupendous revulsion when so-called newsmen like Chris Matthews make the most offensive, sexual insinuations about his reaction to one of the candidates. And finally, I simply find it amazing that any Democrat is taking either of these two, horrendously unqualified candidates seriously!

I have to question Barack Hussein Obama’s judgment when he continues to attend a church with a [now former] pastor as indefensibly racist, intolerant and anti-American as Rev. Jeremiah Wright. What’s even more offensive to me is that Senator Obama is making excuses for his pastor’s hate-filled rhetoric and those excuses don’t stand up to even the most cursory scrutiny. You have been a member of Rev. Wright's congregation for 20 years, Senator, and you didn't know that he was a race-baiting anti-Semite? Give me a break!

Senator Obama’s views on race relations come into question when he does not hesitate to throw his white grandmother “under the bus” while in defense of someone who is, plain and simple, a race-baiting and hate-filled megalomaniac. Why do Jewish Democrats support Barack Obama when he continues to attend a church that was, until recently, led by an avowed anti-Semite?

Our Hillary is in the habit of making grandiose claims about her background and experience that don’t stand up to scrutiny for even a day. Does anyone really believe that she didn’t know about her husband’s frolics with “that woman . . Ms. Lewinsky” until a few days before he finally fessed up to the rest of America? Did anyone really buy that story that she has “always been a Yankees fan”? Did anyone really believe that she was named after Sir Edmund Hillary – five years before he successfully climbed Mount Everest? Has anyone with a functioning brain cell ever bought into her claims to have foreign affairs experience?

Why don’t we question Hillary’s judgment when she is photographed kissing Sufa Arafat, the wife of terrorist leader Yasser Arafat after a 1999 speech where just Mrs. Arafat made the incendiary claim that Israel has poisoned Palestinian children????

Senator Obama’s legislative resume is virtually nonexistent, but then on that score, he and Hillary Rodham Clinton score a virtual tie. Other than running for President practically non-stop since November 2006, what legislative accomplishments can either point to? Almost none.

The fact is that both these candidates are running for the Presidency not because they feel they can best preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America, but rather because they have decided that they are entitled to the office. What is frightening to me is that one of them will be nominated and at that point, one of them might be elected.

Pray for our nation and campaign to keep both of these fatuous, leftist goons out of the White House.

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pianogirl said...

Oh, I don't know ~ I'm still having fun watching the dems go through their gyrations, screaming sexism, racism, and any other "ism" they might be able to make stick somewhere. I'm getting ready to buy a supply of popcorn, and just settle in and see what happens. I want Obami's Misses to do some more of her ranting about how "un-proud" she is of this great nation, and for Monica's ex-boyfriend's wife to go on another of her little screaming fits. Won't be long until we see some flying monkeys, or at least a broom or two circling the globe!