Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Hillary Clinton: In order to be a really great liar, you have to have a really good memory. Hillary? Not so much! If she had remembered that CBS News accompanied her to Bosnia, she would have embroidered the truth a whole lot less. Then again, maybe she was counting on the press to cover her back as it used to do in the PB (pre-Barack) days?

Kwame Kilpatrick is due to be arraigned this morning on the various charges being asserted against him and due to that arraignment, I actually heard a Democrat say something that made me stop in my tracks. CBS News was interviewing the prosecutor who will be handling the case and without prompting she opined: “It isn’t just about sex, it’s about lying under oath, obstruction of justice and misuse of government resources.” HUH? Isn’t that what Republicans were saying way back when Bill Clinton was being impeached?

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