Wednesday, March 26, 2008



The excellent Pope Benedict XVI will be in D.C. next month and will celebrate Mass at the new Washington Nationals stadium during his visit. I very much suspect that he will draw a crowd far larger than will the baseball team – and rightly so.

Pope Benedict garnered headlines during Easter observances when he very publicly baptized with his own hands, and publicly, one Magdi Allam, who chose the baptismal name “Christian”.

As the inimitable and brilliant Anchoress put it:

“Magdi Christian Allam — or Christian Allam, however this very brave man wishes to style it — told reporters, after receiving baptism, confirmation and his first Holy Communion, “this is the happiest day of my life,” and he also had a few words to say about the current state of Islam.

Christian Allam knows that he is now a target, that in some extremist quarters his conversion is seen as justification for his death.

But Christian Allam is now justified by Christ.

I am sure the timing of this baptism was no accident. And I have read more than a few comments suggesting Christian Allam go into hiding, somewhere. But I doubt he will. He seems made of tough stuff.

Christian Allam now feeds on the Body and Blood of Christ - through his veins the blood runs both royal and supernatural. If Christian Allam is now killed for his faith he knows his place in eternity; he knows, too, that anyone stupid enough to murder him for his faith will speed Christian Allam’s way to heaven wearing a martyr’s crown - and a true martyr eats not the golden raisin nor plunders the numerous virgins; he becomes a saint in heaven, and an inspiration. He also becomes an intercessor-in-prayer for the rest of us.”

As an American, and more than that as a Catholic American, I am looking forward to at least being in the same city with this remarkable and holy man!

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