Monday, March 31, 2008


Oh yes, and congratulations Senator McCain. It's a terrific article and testimony to the burgeoning power of the blogsphere.

But I cannot help but be reminded of the late governor of Ohio, James Rhodes, who didn't know the Young Republicans existed, except when he was running for office! Here's hoping Senator McCain has a better memory.

Pat Hynes was one of the earliest voices encouraging me to start my own blog. So this recognition of him is doubly pleasing to me.

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MsFalconersCabanaBoy said...

Congratulations, indeed!

It's good to see you back to blogging, as well. You seemed to have taken a break for a while. (Granted, not nearly as long as mine.)

In any event, it's great to see you back at it, Gayle! Hope to see a lot more.