Friday, March 21, 2008


When I first moved to Virginia, I had DirectTV installed at my new home. The service was appallingly bad (every little breeze seemed to whisper "no service") and the costs, rather than the amount promised, were always at least $20-$30 higher than agreed. Finally, in frustration, I canceled the DirectTV Service and went with Cox Cable.

Imagine my surprise when I checked my bank balance this morning and discovered that the money needed to pay for my car repairs which had been resting quietly in my bank account, was suddenly GONE due to DirectTV, without authorization and without my foreknowledge, raided my bank account for $257+!

I did not have a contract, but DirectTV is claiming I did. There is absolutely nothing I can do about it at this juncture except to warn everyone that they are SCAM artists who can deliver POOR SERVICE and still collect more than was originally agreed to on a regular basis!

DO NOT SUBSCRIBE TO DIRECTTV. Let my experience with these hucksters be your warning!

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Teresa said...

I'm so sorry. I have told many many people - never ever put any bill on a scheduled direct withdrawal from your bank... for just this reason.

If you have any other bills on direct withdrawal, I strongly suggest that you stop the process and then close that account and open another! It can be the same bank - but the number must be different so no business is authorized to take out money monthly or (as in this case) take your money without you knowing it.

I guess I'd be emailing any lawyer acquaintances of mine (on the blogosphere of course) and seeing if I had any recourse. Otherwise, I'd be on the phone to the State's Attorney to see what they say about the legality of this move.


Protect your money! Never let anyone do a scheduled withdrawal. If you possibly can, put your monthly bills online onto a credit card and then pay the credit card off each month with a single time authorized payment. That is much better because any payment you don't authorize that goes to a credit card can be disputed through the credit card company. (but always pay it off so you don't have to pay interest!)