Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Today our Nation’s capital is being treated to the more-than-questionable joys of multiple protests being held all over the place by anti-war/anti-capitalism/anti-who-knows-what protesters. I don’t know what bonehead issued permits for protesters to bedevil sane, hard-working, law-abiding citizens during the work week, but the person in the District’s bureaucracy who is responsible should have his/her derriere kicked by every single citizen who was irritated or inconvenienced by this asinine rabble.

This, from the protesters' website:
"Twenty-four hours from when we began, we will gather at the Reflecting Pool on the West side of the Capitol at 5:00 PM and march with pots and pans in a cacophony of resistance to the Democratic National Committee Headquarters. Here we will make it clear that we hold them accountable for the death, destruction and lies and that we will . . . continue to take action and intervene in their business until our call for peace is honored and all of our troops come home."

So they started at 5:00 p.m. yesterday, which means they have screwed up TWO return trips home for people who have worked hard all day and who have usually endured a wretched commute IN and will, thanks to these self-involved morons, enjoy a similarly unpleasant commute home. My only comfort is that this time the ignorant horde is pissed off at the Democratic Party! What unbelievably sanctimonious arrogance!

I’m sure taxicab drivers are quickly reaching critical mass, since these petulant idiots are doubtless impairing the taxicabs’ ability to earn a living as well! What we'll face heading home is anybody's guess. Hopefully the pinheads won't create any problems for our progress home.

Why do these offensive twits all show up in our Nation’s capital looking like unmade beds? Do they EVER bathe? Do they believe it makes their activities more persuasive if nobody dares get downwind of them? Do they think that those of us who earn the money that makes it possible for them to be parasitical nincompoops deserve no basic courtesy?

Here’s my bottom line: These activities will accomplish not one blessed thing because however many pathetic losers show up to “march with pots and pans in a cacophony of resistance” they are a negligible percentage compared to the Americans who understand the reality of the world as it is – not as these brain dead cretins imagine the world to be. We cannot defeat radical Islamo fascism by joining hands and singing “Kumbaya”. All yesterday and today’s activities will accomplish is to once again send the wrong message to our enemies who fail to grasp the true workings and nature of the American Republic, not to mention pissing me off!

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