Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Given your sanctimonious mien over the years, people can and should be forgiven for finding your current predicament more than a little delicious! That being said, shame on you!

When you marry, current cultural nonsense aside, you make certain VOWS (aka solemn pledges) to your spouse and one of those is fidelity. Now I realize that situational ethics are a big deal to Democrats – but to most women fidelity means you keep your woo-woo in your trousers unless you are planning to indulge in spousal conviviality!

Already it is clear from the various news sites that Democrats are going to fall back on that old standby that they think has served them so well in the past – it’s just sex! Guess what folks – that probably isn’t going to work in this case. Here’s the deal. It is NOT just about sex. It is about violation of Federal law on a number of important levels – let’s start with the Mann Act since you caused your illicit booty to be transported across state lines. Then there’s the matter of engaging in prostitution activities as a “john” – that’s also illegal. And from the indictment (which I have read in its entirety) and the various news reports, you were a repeat offender!

You have not yet resigned and you should – forthwith. And that trifling excuse for an apology needs some serious expansion and sincerity. As to your wife – she doesn’t need to accept your apology and I hope she doesn’t! The example that you have set for your three daughters is appalling. And you are indeed fortunate that you aren’t the spouse of any of the women in my car pool – you’d have been giving your “apology” from an emergency room where doctors worked feverishly to remove a cast iron frying pan which has justifiably been embedded in your head!

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